just checking in…

It seems like as the days grow longer my to-do list is expanding exponentially! We still haven’t solved our bathroom debacle (a.k.a. the lack thereof) and work just seems to get busier and busier as the spring semester moves rapidly forward. It’s hard to believe that spring break is right around the corner because of all the snow and ice on the ground, but I’m optimistic that as the daylight hours grow maybe I’ll dig out of my funk (personal, home, and professional) and make some progress on things!

We had a very crazy weekend with our 4+ inches of snow.Our friend Michele (who happens to be a co-worker) had back to back events on Saturday which essentially left her stuck either having to drive well over an hour home in the crazy snow and possibly get stuck on dangerous back roads, or staying the night at our place. She chose the latter (yay!) which was fabulous because we got “paid” in chocolate chip cookies! I have to say, though, that cooking dinner unexpectedly for someone who is an amazing cook with actual talent is very nerve wracking, but she very politely didn’t complain 🙂 (And I realized that my freezer is severely lacking in “last minute meal” components!)

And no crazy weekend is complete without Abby managing to do something monumentally stupid, which this time consisted of her tearing one of her nails off while playing. She was running around enjoying the snow Saturday night when we brought her in to discover a blood paw. She had split the nail but it stopped bleeding. Then on Sunday morning, more craziness ensued, and she decimated what remained of the nail, so hello Vet ER!


She didn’t mind the bandage at all, but the vets had to construct a makeshift “boot” (out of a plasma bag – vet DIY!) to make sure the bandaging didn’t get wet. Of course I had to video the “boot walk” (because I’m mean like that).

Hope everyone is having a fabulous week, and see you for furry friday!


furry friday shares :)

It was a blustery, freezing furry Friday here in the Philly suburbs and while I usually work at home on Fridays, I was out at an Open House in the city talking to potential applicants to the graduate Physician Assistant program I work at. It was one of the most rewarding days I’ve had in a long time.

Explaining to one of the students how many applicants we get and all the paperwork I go through, I joked, “I have no life.” The student said to me, “Oh yes you do. You change our lives just by giving us a chance for us to save lives being PAs.”  I swear I almost teared up. That statement absolutely made it worth it for me to have trekked around in the city in 15 degree weather.

Back home tonight, I greeted the Man at the door with a cooked dinner, and Abby and Luna waiting patiently for their own meals. We had a fabulous meal and are hunkered down now with the heater on, just relaxing.

I couldn’t let a furry Friday go without sharing this super sweet video from Cole and Marmalade: How Cats Say “I Love You”. Just a little nod to the impending Valentine’s day. Hope you’re all bundled up and warm, and enjoy!


furry friday celebrates the snowpocalypse

We were supposed to get a LOT of snow this week. Some reports were saying six inches, and some were saying twenty-four. As a precaution, the university  The Man and I both work at closed at 1 p.m. on Monday, and called off school on Tuesday as well. When we got up early on Tuesday morning, we were sorely disappointed. BARELY any snow!

But Abby made the best of it anyway. She put on her fanciest RC Pet winter coat that Grandma WriterCat got her as an early birthday present and prepared for fun.


She said hi to Takara, her friend next door and the tussled a bit.


She ate snowballs, because duh.


And The Man created a fake snow fall for her.


Needless to say, after about thirty minutes she was a VERY tired puppy, but very happy. We can’t wait to have a real snow fall to see what she does because if this is any indication? She’ll go nuts.

Hope everyone was warm and safe and dry during the storms this week!

furry friday gets cuddly

It has been COLD around here the past week with howling winds at night, so the furbabies have been cuddling up with us each night in bed. Because Abby and I posted a selfie last week, I tried to get one of me and Luna, who has taken to curling up by my chest under the covers. Unfortunately, she’s not too good at posing.


But she IS very good at getting good quality rubs and purring like crazy.


Hope everyone is staying warm!


Most of us make New Year’s resolutions, and I would bet that most of us don’t keep them for very long. I decided that I wasn’t going to make any resolutions this year. Instead, I’m going to make myself mini goals throughout the year and try to achieve them.

Well, my dear friends, I already made and kept my first one: do not cry on my first day back to work after vacation. SUCCESS! I was unfocused and antsy on and off during the day, used to working on something for a few hours and then getting away and switching gears while I was at home. But, despite that, I made it my eight hours and then came home to a freezing cold house and Abby having eaten one of the Man’s books.

Now I’m curled up with a cup of hot chocolate, Abby, Luna, and the space heater trying to warm up. It’s a brisk 17 degrees out right now and VERY windy. Old house = no insulation, so we’re bundled up watching Netflix.

Bring it on, 2015! We’re ready 🙂

first crappy selfie of 2015!

first crappy selfie of 2015!

A very Merry Christmas


It was a very Merry Christmas and we are finally recovered from all the cooking and present opening and dishes. Because our living room wall hasn’t been repaired yet from the plumbing work I was hesitant to decorate for Christmas. Then on Saturday the Man and I were like elves on speed and out up a lot of our decorations.


Then we all packed up and headed to my mom’s house to celebrate. We got to see both sides of our families which was lovely. Christmas morning brought lots of fun gifts for all of us, but especially for the youngest member of our family – Abby.


She was spoiled. And we learned she is VERY good at opening her own gifts. I wish we had been ready to record because she was adorable tearing into wrapping paper and tissue alike.


Luna is home being watched and getting a vacation from the puppy so we will just call this “furbaby” Friday. I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas! I know that we did and were very blessed to spend it with our families.