it didn’t fail…

I personally love seeing Pinterest Fails. I find them absolutely hysterical. BuzzFeed always has a lovely collection of the fails and I find myself laughing my ass off at multitudes of baby pic and culinary disasters.  I, however, have been very lucky thus far and have not had any epic failures despite my many, many pins and adventures. I figured what better place to share my Pin Wins than here!

A week ago I was making an amazing chicken dish that had a mushroom cranberry sauce, but wanted something green for the side as The Man and I are trying to eat healthier. While grocery shopping I picked up a beautiful bunch of asparagus but had no idea what I’d do with it. When all else fails I go to Pinterest and found this recipe which looked pretty fool proof.

It was, as advertised, the easiest and quickest asparagus, on top of being ridiculously yummy. The only thing I did different was cutting the asparagus spears in half so they’d fit nicer in the wok I used to cook them in (which was the only pan that would fit on my otherwise occupied stove).

How about you? Any epic Pinterest wins or fails? And while you’re at it – follow me! I’ll keep on documenting my Pin Wins (I think I need to trademark that phrase) when I try something especially yummy or crafty 🙂


to pin or not to pin?

I have to admit that when Pinterest came out, I didn’t quite “get it”. I’ve been using an internet based service to bookmark and tag things I found interesting for years, so I wasn’t quite sure what all the fuss was about with pinning.

Slowly but surely, as more people joined the platform, I got it. The same thing that I was doing with pictures I had ripped out of magazines and catalogs was now digital. I could create visual boards of inspiration from hundreds of different sources without much effort whatsoever.

nature inspired color palette pin:

Pinterest still gets some mixed reviews, and some hilarious ones where people try to recreate what they’ve seen done on a pin and it turns out fabulously wrong. I’ve heard of people having “pin envy” or “pin depression” because they think that being a DIY goddess happens overnight and feel like failures for not being creative.  My strategy? I typically only pin things that I could feasibly do/cook/buy. This means reading the descriptions and checking out the recipes before I even bother pinning it. If something sounds too complicated for my skillset I typically just pass over adding it to a board. 

I think the only problem that I’ve encountered with Pinterest is that I get very hungry when looking at all the amazing recipes! On the plus side, I’ve found some awesome ones and short cuts that have saved me time and money.  And if I ever run out of things to cook among my recipe books, I’ll always have a place to turn to for some amazing alternatives.

grilled cheese heaven with avocado:

So if you’re new to Pinterest, feel free to check out what I’ve pinned! What are you swooning over on there?