nesting, nesting, and more nesting…

With seven weeks to go I have the overwhelming urge to clean every surface of my house and make sure everything we own has a place to go away. Last Monday, I realized our small(ish) kitchen was woefully ill equipped to house any of the impending baby gear like bottles and the eventual sippy cups and plastic dinnerware that is oh so fancy.

We did have room in our dining room, however, to add a small buffet on an otherwise empty wall. I perused Wayfair and Overstock but most of the buffets or sideboards had open storage, glass fronts, or built in wine bottle racks that we didn’t need. On a whim, I decided to check Craigslist quickly and on the second page of the search voila! The perfect sideboard! It was the right color, the right size, and almost the right price.

I sent an email and asked if it was still available and whether the price was negotiable. Amazingly, within 20 minutes I had an email back saying yes to both accounts! We ended up striking a deal in between what I wanted to pay and the owner wanted to make, and she even agreed to DELIVER! So as of yesterday morning we are the proud new owners of a fabulous new piece in our dining room.

Today I tackled the task of reorganizing half of the kitchen cabinets. I had one in particular that I thought could be better utilized.


I can’t remember the last time I used martini glasses, and our good china definitely didn’t have to be in the kitchen because I always set the table with it rather than serving from the kitchen on it, so it was easy to figure out what needed to get re-homed. Oh, and I don’t think my Turkey wine glass is going to get used for a few months! The Man helped move everything into the dining room so I wasn’t walking back and forth and tada!


Everything fit with a LOT of room to spare. I’ll probably get different racks at some point to utilize the space more efficiently, but for now the two shelves got emptied and even found room for plates from another closet. The cool thing is that what looks like drawers is actually a drop down face, so I can put some of our nice platters in there.


And the major bonus, the wall finally looks complete. We used to just have one of our dining room chairs in that corner but now the corner finally looks finished. To reward all my reorganization efforts, The Man even bought me flowers when he did the grocery shopping tonight. All in all, I’m one happy mom to be! Now to just clean up the nursery…



National Organization Day/Month!

Yesterday was National Organization Day! Did I know that when the day began? No. All I knew was I was cold, I woke up early because the puppy was dry heaving while laying ON TOP OF ME, and I felt under-caffeinated the whole rest of the day. Hence no blog post in honor of one of my favorite things.

But no fear! According to the National Association of Professional Organizers, I have a whole MONTH to get my stuff in gear. THANKFULLY. Because organization has taken on a whole new meaning in this house in the past six months.

Not only have we added a puppy into our house, but we also essentially removed a bathroom from it. How does that impact organization, you say? Well our second floor bathroom – the MAIN bathroom and one of only 2 in our three story + basement house – is not usable. It’s not like the thing was of Taj Mahal proportions anyway, but by “main” bathroom I mean the one where we showered, got ready, stored medications, and had the adjacent linen closet full of towels, toiletries, and what-not.

That means that since roughly July, all of our products and such had to be somewhere else. That “somewhere else” means mostly in the guest room. Our third floor bathroom has a stand up shower basin and a sink and medicine cabinet. NO storage whatsoever. It’s not even a vanity; it is a sink with legs.

On top of that we have PUPPY. Puppies eat things, move things, steal things, and generally get underfoot. Oh – AND THEY WANT TOYS. Oh and both me and The Man work full time. You’re probably thinking, “So what? Crate her.” Bless your soul. We would if we could but our poor baby has SEVERE crate aversion and a Jaws like appetite when it comes to gnawing on things that smell like us when we’re gone. Don’t believe me? Just wait for the post where I show the remote controls, cordless phones, shoes, and shirts she has eaten.

Needless to say, organization has taken on a whole new meaning in my life these days. I can still tell you where my tie-dyed Calvin and Hobbs t-shirt from high school is but I’d prove it by going down to the basement and getting it for you while tripping over one of 500 dog toys strewn about each level of our house. New year, though, and new goals and all. Anything that you’re planning on getting organized in 2015?

is it spring yet?!

Despite YET ANOTHER SNOW DAY here, I’m looking forward to Spring. No, I can’t see my grass and the crocuses are smart enough to keep their heads down, but I’m holding out hope that sometime in the near future I’ll be able to step outside and not slip on ice. But that doesn’t mean that the gloom of this time of year isn’t getting me down. It is. Majorly.

I’m depressed for a multitude of reasons, like losing my part time job which has put a HUGE strain on things. But last week I decided to cheer myself up and do what any smart woman does: SHOP! Yeah I know, I just said our finances suck. So how did I do it? GIFT CARDS!!!!! You can call me crazy, but when I get a gift card, I plan and scheme and stalk the store website until I can find the best deals to max out the gift I’ve been given. One of the gift cards I had was to Bed Bath & Beyond, so I treated myself to, among other things, a…..

*drumroll please*

IRON CADDY AND BOARD HOLDER! (yes, no joke, I’m excited about this.) I was so excited when it came in the mail, and this weekend I got it installed. You see, I do my ironing in my office on the second floor (which has my clothing closet so it doubles as a dressing room) and while I love the bright color of my ironing board, I hate that you see it in the first room when you come upstairs. Introducing my Real Simple Iron Caddy!

IMG_20140301_114955_864Because we have old doors that are finicky when you close them to begin with, chose to permanently mount my caddy inside the door of the linen closet. I got very lucky that my door is juuuuuust tall enough to accommodate the caddy with the ironing board on it and still close. After about 15 minutes, voila!

IMG_20140301_152406_619It actually took longer to wait for the drill batter to charge than install this. Two screws and I was done! (And yes, dear, I checked to make sure it was level. Like twenty times.)

My mom keeps telling me to go outside, look around, and if I see a life grab it because I obviously need one (and trust me she’s right!) but this stupid $15 caddy made me so deliriously happy. It’s the first step in my Spring cleaning goals and I couldn’t be more excited! (That is, if Spring ever comes….)