basement scavenging

One of the most amazing things about every visit that I make to my mom is that I invariably come back to my home with my car packed with goodies. My last visit was no different.

One of the reasons I went to visit last weekend was that my mom had a lot of scrap metal she wanted to get rid of. She casually asked me at one point to go into the basement and get the pressure cooker from a storage closet. About twenty minutes later, I finally came up from the basement, laughing. Because this is what I found:

2013-06-01 13.00.04Three pressure cookers and one electric double broiler. I’m glad that neither my mom nor I are on any terrorist watch lists.

The coolest thing I found in that closet, though, came home with me.

2013-06-04 20.05.52This juicer was my grandmother’s, making it from around the 1930s. While the paint may be mostly missing, there is no doubt how awesome it is. And, with a little bit of cleaning, it will still be usable as the handle is still fully functional.

Between estate sales and my mom’s house, my kitchen is becoming an assortment of antique, vintage, and just plain old funky kitchen accessories, and I couldn’t be more pleased.


Looking for fabulous

It’s been a while since I started my kitchen project. Just about a month. And while I would love to say it’s done and I’ve been cooking like a fiend and just haven’t had time to update my blog, I can’t. Well, I could but it would be a blatant lie. And now I need help.

In reality, what I’ve been doing is decorating the kitchen. You would think that you just need to put your appliance back where they belong, throw a couple nice towels over the towel bar, and voila – kitchen! And I could. I could share all my pictures now and be done with it. But what is lacking in the kitchen are the finishing touches.

Right now we’re looking for a telephone, a poster, and a clock. Simple, yes, but because I’m trying to keep the kitchen accents period appropriate, I have become psychotic.  Right now, my search for the perfect telephone is consuming my internet time.

I thought of buying a reproduction Bakelite telephone, but with so many eBay and Etsy people selling the real thing, I decided that an antique is the only option.

This morning on CBS Sunday morning, they did a story on kitchen islands. One of the people they interviewed talked about how the kitchen became a social space and how a kitchen can be “functional and fabulous too”.

So here is where I need help: where do you find your antiques? Anyone have some fabulous sources that I could check out?


I can’t wait. I need to share.

First of all, thank you all for your votes on which room to do while the man was away. As the votes piled up for the kitchen, I suddenly panicked. What was I thinking? How was I going to pull this off?

But I couldn’t disappoint. People took the time to vote, I asked for the input, and I couldn’t ignore it.  And face it – I’m a glutton for punishment.

The man came home on Friday, and had no clue what I was up to while he was gone. He knew that I was up to something (usually no good) but never figured out quite which room. Apparently he and his buddies had an informal bet going for what room I was going to tear apart/destroy.

When we were looking at the house online, this is the photo that they had posted of the kitchen:

Courtesy of the realtor

Not horrible. A little dated, but looks clean and functional. Right? Wrong.

After we moved in, there wasn’t much we changed other than the refrigerator (which the former owners took with them) and the stove (which we replaced because it was so dirty that it smoked when you turned it on). But there was PLENTY we wanted to change.  The grease covered cabinets, the worn floors that never looked clean, the never ending dust and dirt in the crevices, and the horrible layout.

Cabinet IN THE FACE upon entrance.

Early on, we ripped out the odd broom closet that was IN YOUR FACE when you walked in the back door. (See above IN THE FACE photo). After that, though, there wasn’t much we could do.

But I had a vision.

I can’t post everything now – there is trim to be touched up, decorations to hang, and baseboards to be installed.  But here is a sneak peak to tide you over. In a week, I’ll share all the pictures, details, prices, and products that I used to create my “new” kitchen.

So here is a sexy photo of me working on the kitchen:

*smooches for kitchen renos*

And here is your sneak peek.