fall cleaning

When I think of doing major, whole house cleaning, I usually think of spring. But since the bathroom debacle started, it feels like life has spun out of control so I’ve taken advantage of the unseasonably warm days we’ve been having to throw up the windows and clean out.

One of the hardest things about working full time is finding room in a busy schedule for things like this. I haven’t come up with any revolutionary master plan, so don’t get excited. Even though my friends sometimes joke and call me Martha Stewart for my baking and crocheting, I haven’t become a guru when it comes to making cleaning quicker (or more fun).

I think when you have a room under construction, keeping the house clean becomes even more stressful. While I once felt like my house pretty much always looked put together, it now feels like utter chaos. Things that were in the bathroom or linen closet are now in the guest room, the hole in our center hall seems even more apparent, and the dust kitties seem to be multiplying.

Yesterday the Man and I spent a good six hours outside, trimming trees, pulling ivy, cleaning out the flower beds, and beginning to put our summer stuff up in the loft of the garage for storage. While I might be sore today, I’m really grateful to look out the window and see a nice, tidy back yard. Today has been spent switching over from summer to fall in the drawers and closets and vacuuming all the nooks and crannies on the first floor.

I’m sure when today is over, I’ll look at the first floor of my house with a sense of peace, but right now I just want to curl up on the couch and crochet. Anyone else tacking their fall cleaning? I could use a support group 🙂


putting it to the test

About a month ago, I convinced one of my organization clients to buy a new vacuum. She needed one that had a power head for area rugs, could do a decent job on bare floors, a hose for getting stairs, and should be able to combat pet hair. I also thought she should have a HEPA filter and that it be bagless. That’s a tall order for a vacuum, especially if you don’t want to spend a fortune.

I have had the same Eureka that I spent about $69 on for 7 years and have always been happy with it. So after doing some research and making recommendations, my client purchased the perfect vacuum. It is a shining beacon of hope for all us pet owners who are looking for one machine to do it all. Namely, the Eureka Suction Seal Pet AS1104A. Okay, it kind of sounds like the name for a cyborg, but trust me – you want this vacuum to invade and take over your life.

Ever since using hers, I have been in awe, wanting one of my own. But money doesn’t grow on trees here at Casa de Restoration. So for the past month I have been religiously checking the internet for a sale, worked some extra side jobs, and finally found the deal I was waiting for. While the list price is $200, I scored the vacuum yesterday for $99.99. Yes, I just put that in bold AND italic because I am excited and thrilled beyond belief at both the price AND the performance.

Because I am a complete and utter dork (see above excitedness and gushing and giddiness over a VACUUM) I decided to bring it home and put it to the test. As you know, when I did my dining room restoration we purchased a black wool area rug. No big deal. Except if your cats are obsessed with keeping their asses off the perfectly good wood and tiles and gravitate said furry butts towards anything that is plush and attracts cat hair. So they lay on said area rug constantly. In fact, I’m pretty sure they’ve made it their life’s mission to force me to vacuum every day for the rest of my life. So here is THREE DAYS worth of cat hair on one area:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI vacuumed the whole rug with my old vacuum, and then vacuumed the whole rug again immediately after with my new bright red shiny vacuum of the gods.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe canister on the left is what my old vacuum picked up. And on the right, is what was left behind and picked up by the vacuum of magnificence. (You need to click on the pic to enlarge and fully appreciate the difference.) Needless to say, I am impressed and excited and thrilled and… oh you get the point. The best thing about this vacuum is that when it says it does bare floors, it actually does. It doesn’t kick around the debris or blow the dust all over the place like virtually every other vacuum I’ve owned. So now I have one vacuum that can do the whole house instead of two (which may seem minor, but is a huge selling point for me).

So… on to the price.  I have always dreamed of owning a Dyson but am not into selling my soul, first born, and drugs to afford one. Yes, I have a handheld one that I got off the shelf for $80 a few years ago (it was a birthday gift… I have a thing for cleaning tools). And if you are like me and love scoring a good deal, trolling the internet for the lowest prices is ALWAYS a plus before making a big purchase. I found the vacuum here on sale, and Best Buy has a price match guarantee, and voila! LOTS of savings and instant gratification.

Just as an FYI, I am not getting paid to endorse this vacuum (but hey! marketing people! I’m willing to test out any product for review if you send it to me!) I am just a complete and utter dork who is really proud of her new purchase. So if you’re in the market for a vacuum, I cannot say enough good things about this one. And it was well worth the wait!