feline friday helpful kitty!

Luna has been very anti-social this summer, what with her itchy skin and distaste for Abby’s curious nose. It’s good to know that she still can be her helpful self, though, when it comes to renovations.


She’s always willing to hold down the drop cloth in a pinch 🙂

Hope everyone had a lovely Friday! Can’t wait to show progress on my finger AND the bathroom. Big summer!!!


furry friday is snuggly

Even though I hate to admit it, Luna is getting older. You can’t tell when she’s chasing dust particles or making love to her scratcher, but the lady is getting a little bit slower, and having a bit of trouble jumping recently.

Last night as we closed the house up to go to bed, she was sitting on her counter in the kitchen (yes, she has one counter she is allowed on, away from the stove and food prep area), and must have looked up at The Man in an adoring way, so he carried her up to bed.


Even though she hates the puppy and can sound downright feral if Abby approaches her at the wrong time, she’s still just a snuggle bug at heart.

furry friday EXPLODES!

As I’m a huge fan of irreverent humor, I’ve always loved The Oatmeal. I couldn’t help but share this Kickstarter with you.

If you haven’t checked it out, do it now. While the Kickstarter may be over (and yes, The Man and I will be getting our NSFW deck!) you can still enjoy all the comments, cartoons, and general hilarity that ensued thanks to the inception of this game. I cannot WAIT until we get our decks!

And of course, if you don’t know The Oatmeal but love kitties, make sure you check out how to figure out if you’re kitty is trying to kill you (which mildly freaks me out because Luna is totally that color gray) 🙂

furry friday shares :)

It was a blustery, freezing furry Friday here in the Philly suburbs and while I usually work at home on Fridays, I was out at an Open House in the city talking to potential applicants to the graduate Physician Assistant program I work at. It was one of the most rewarding days I’ve had in a long time.

Explaining to one of the students how many applicants we get and all the paperwork I go through, I joked, “I have no life.” The student said to me, “Oh yes you do. You change our lives just by giving us a chance for us to save lives being PAs.”  I swear I almost teared up. That statement absolutely made it worth it for me to have trekked around in the city in 15 degree weather.

Back home tonight, I greeted the Man at the door with a cooked dinner, and Abby and Luna waiting patiently for their own meals. We had a fabulous meal and are hunkered down now with the heater on, just relaxing.

I couldn’t let a furry Friday go without sharing this super sweet video from Cole and Marmalade: How Cats Say “I Love You”. Just a little nod to the impending Valentine’s day. Hope you’re all bundled up and warm, and enjoy!


furry friday gets cuddly

It has been COLD around here the past week with howling winds at night, so the furbabies have been cuddling up with us each night in bed. Because Abby and I posted a selfie last week, I tried to get one of me and Luna, who has taken to curling up by my chest under the covers. Unfortunately, she’s not too good at posing.


But she IS very good at getting good quality rubs and purring like crazy.


Hope everyone is staying warm!

feline friday bath time

Luna’s hair is finally all growing in nicely after her horrible itchy season, but she still has a completely pink belly. I have a funny feeling that her belly hair will never grow back. That doesn’t stop her from grooming, though.

IMG_20140918_181335_831She was certainly enjoying the lovely sunlight today, though, and the view of the last of the fall leaves hanging on to the trees. Hope every one had a lovely (and not too chilly) friday!