Showers of Love

I am very lucky to have some amazing friends in my life who are just as excited about welcoming our baby in to the world as we are! The Man and I were given two amazing showers – one by my amazing friend Michele …


Me & Michele, June 25

who invited my friends and family to her house and put out an amazing display of food


and punch (alcoholic and non!)


and then a surprise shower by my co-workers!


And by surprise I mean I truly was clueless…


I thought The Man and I were going for a walk, but lo and behold in our lab, my co-workers had set up a plethora of sugary delights and gifts. I’m also very lucky to have a friend that took pictures at both showers (and who my mom officially wants to hire as our family photographer!) so that I have some amazing memories!

It’s hard to believe such a little person coming into the world needs so much stuff and I’m grateful that so many people have helped us prepare for Alexandra’s arrival. The Man’s aunts have been showering us with gifts practically since we told them we were pregnant, our parents have gotten all the big things we needed, and our friends and co-workers were generous beyond belief.

So now we have the clothes, the gear, the diapers (although you can never have enough diapers!) and the nursery which is almost complete. Now… just waiting on baby. 33 days and counting…



nesting, nesting, and more nesting…

With seven weeks to go I have the overwhelming urge to clean every surface of my house and make sure everything we own has a place to go away. Last Monday, I realized our small(ish) kitchen was woefully ill equipped to house any of the impending baby gear like bottles and the eventual sippy cups and plastic dinnerware that is oh so fancy.

We did have room in our dining room, however, to add a small buffet on an otherwise empty wall. I perused Wayfair and Overstock but most of the buffets or sideboards had open storage, glass fronts, or built in wine bottle racks that we didn’t need. On a whim, I decided to check Craigslist quickly and on the second page of the search voila! The perfect sideboard! It was the right color, the right size, and almost the right price.

I sent an email and asked if it was still available and whether the price was negotiable. Amazingly, within 20 minutes I had an email back saying yes to both accounts! We ended up striking a deal in between what I wanted to pay and the owner wanted to make, and she even agreed to DELIVER! So as of yesterday morning we are the proud new owners of a fabulous new piece in our dining room.

Today I tackled the task of reorganizing half of the kitchen cabinets. I had one in particular that I thought could be better utilized.


I can’t remember the last time I used martini glasses, and our good china definitely didn’t have to be in the kitchen because I always set the table with it rather than serving from the kitchen on it, so it was easy to figure out what needed to get re-homed. Oh, and I don’t think my Turkey wine glass is going to get used for a few months! The Man helped move everything into the dining room so I wasn’t walking back and forth and tada!


Everything fit with a LOT of room to spare. I’ll probably get different racks at some point to utilize the space more efficiently, but for now the two shelves got emptied and even found room for plates from another closet. The cool thing is that what looks like drawers is actually a drop down face, so I can put some of our nice platters in there.


And the major bonus, the wall finally looks complete. We used to just have one of our dining room chairs in that corner but now the corner finally looks finished. To reward all my reorganization efforts, The Man even bought me flowers when he did the grocery shopping tonight. All in all, I’m one happy mom to be! Now to just clean up the nursery…