feline friday helpful kitty!

Luna has been very anti-social this summer, what with her itchy skin and distaste for Abby’s curious nose. It’s good to know that she still can be her helpful self, though, when it comes to renovations.


She’s always willing to hold down the drop cloth in a pinch 🙂

Hope everyone had a lovely Friday! Can’t wait to show progress on my finger AND the bathroom. Big summer!!!


beginning of the end…

The one perk to being home for a week after surgery was that the company we had chosen to use for sheet rock in the bathroom called and they were able to squeeze us in! It was like getting  a 2 for 1 deal – home recuperating and resting, while someone else did the work in the house! Bonus? No extra time needed off from work.

We finally can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and the beginning of the end to the year and a half saga of not having our main bathroom!!! Of course, we needed to have a quality inspection as the work was being done.


Hope everyone is having a lovely furry friday! Next week I’ll share pics of the finger post-surgery. At least now I can type with all 10 fingers again!

this little finger…

This little finger is going to the surgeon 😦


I thought it was odd that the day after the injury I couldn’t feel the tip of my finger. The Man and I gave it until late on Sunday to remove the dressing because it felt like I had pulled a stitch and I had bled through the dressing overnight. It was then that I realized I actually couldn’t feel the side of my finger from the middle knuckle to the tip.

I was able to get in with the hand specialist on Monday – he squeezed me in thankfully. Short story? I’ll be going in for surgery on the 10th. It turns out, in my infinite talent and grace, that I managed to either mangle or sever a nerve, and possible damaged the tendon. It explains why I don’t have much pain, but is the oddest sensation in the world.

Keep my poor little finger in your thoughts and prayers!