out like a lion…

March certainly is going out like a lion, with a ton of rain and maybe SNOW tonight (eek!) but above all, I can’t believe the month is over!!! March was jam packed with events for work, celebrating birthdays, and hanging out with friends.

Saint Patrick’s Day was quiet but I found out we have the coolest crossing guard ever in our town.


I took some corny selfies to show off my Irish.


We had some very pretty, albeit late in the season, snow.


Luna enjoyed the growing daylight hours by lounging on the radiator a whole lot.


And Abby continued being Abby, trying to take over the couch (and ignoring personal space).


All in all, I’d say it was a good month. Bring it on, April! I’m ready for you 🙂


pain overload

Ow. That is all I can say. I’ve suffered from TMJ since I was a teenager, but I have not had this kind of pain in a long time.

Friday I went to the dentist because my jaw had been bothering me on and off for almost two weeks. I began to get nervous that I actually had a bigger issue at play, but after poking, prodding, massaging, x-rays, and me accidentally biting my saint of a dentist, I left the office with no additional problems, just directions to use hot compresses and lots of Advil.

Well, this morning at 5:30 I woke up in such excruciating pain that I was sure I was going to have to go to the hospital. I got out of bed and went up to the third floor to wash my face and take more Advil, and within 5 minutes of standing up the screwdriver-like-stabbing-throbbing stopped. Why? Because my sinuses started draining.

So not only is my jaw screwed up, but my sinuses are so inflamed that they’re pressing on the nerves on my teeth again. Good to know I’m not dying, but I’m still miserable. So much for getting outside today and cleaning up some of the garden beds… Any and all advice and happy thoughts are welcome!

furry friday is snuggly

Even though I hate to admit it, Luna is getting older. You can’t tell when she’s chasing dust particles or making love to her scratcher, but the lady is getting a little bit slower, and having a bit of trouble jumping recently.

Last night as we closed the house up to go to bed, she was sitting on her counter in the kitchen (yes, she has one counter she is allowed on, away from the stove and food prep area), and must have looked up at The Man in an adoring way, so he carried her up to bed.


Even though she hates the puppy and can sound downright feral if Abby approaches her at the wrong time, she’s still just a snuggle bug at heart.