furry friday helper

Furry Friday is typically a work from home day for me (which also translates into work in pajamas!) and today was no different. For some reason, though, Abby was being a ridiculous cuddle bug. Now, I’m used to her being my “couch buddy”, with her squishing her butt into whatever small space she can to be next to me. Today, though, it didn’t matter what I did to try to annoy her and get her to move to her chair: she was not moving.

Toe tickling, playing with her ears, playing with her whiskers and her lips, and generally being a nudge, no reaction. Normally I wouldn’t mind, but she insisted on being so close to me I had nowhere to really rest my one arm so I could write emails. Therefore, her head became a resting spot for my elbow.


I guess sometimes being cuddled up just trumps everything else. Hope everyone had a fabulous Furry Friday!!!


just checking in…

It seems like as the days grow longer my to-do list is expanding exponentially! We still haven’t solved our bathroom debacle (a.k.a. the lack thereof) and work just seems to get busier and busier as the spring semester moves rapidly forward. It’s hard to believe that spring break is right around the corner because of all the snow and ice on the ground, but I’m optimistic that as the daylight hours grow maybe I’ll dig out of my funk (personal, home, and professional) and make some progress on things!

We had a very crazy weekend with our 4+ inches of snow.Our friend Michele (who happens to be a co-worker) had back to back events on Saturday which essentially left her stuck either having to drive well over an hour home in the crazy snow and possibly get stuck on dangerous back roads, or staying the night at our place. She chose the latter (yay!) which was fabulous because we got “paid” in chocolate chip cookies! I have to say, though, that cooking dinner unexpectedly for someone who is an amazing cook with actual talent is very nerve wracking, but she very politely didn’t complain 🙂 (And I realized that my freezer is severely lacking in “last minute meal” components!)

And no crazy weekend is complete without Abby managing to do something monumentally stupid, which this time consisted of her tearing one of her nails off while playing. She was running around enjoying the snow Saturday night when we brought her in to discover a blood paw. She had split the nail but it stopped bleeding. Then on Sunday morning, more craziness ensued, and she decimated what remained of the nail, so hello Vet ER!


She didn’t mind the bandage at all, but the vets had to construct a makeshift “boot” (out of a plasma bag – vet DIY!) to make sure the bandaging didn’t get wet. Of course I had to video the “boot walk” (because I’m mean like that).

Hope everyone is having a fabulous week, and see you for furry friday!

furry friday EXPLODES!

As I’m a huge fan of irreverent humor, I’ve always loved The Oatmeal. I couldn’t help but share this Kickstarter with you.

If you haven’t checked it out, do it now. While the Kickstarter may be over (and yes, The Man and I will be getting our NSFW deck!) you can still enjoy all the comments, cartoons, and general hilarity that ensued thanks to the inception of this game. I cannot WAIT until we get our decks!

And of course, if you don’t know The Oatmeal but love kitties, make sure you check out how to figure out if you’re kitty is trying to kill you (which mildly freaks me out because Luna is totally that color gray) 🙂

it didn’t fail…

I personally love seeing Pinterest Fails. I find them absolutely hysterical. BuzzFeed always has a lovely collection of the fails and I find myself laughing my ass off at multitudes of baby pic and culinary disasters.  I, however, have been very lucky thus far and have not had any epic failures despite my many, many pins and adventures. I figured what better place to share my Pin Wins than here!

A week ago I was making an amazing chicken dish that had a mushroom cranberry sauce, but wanted something green for the side as The Man and I are trying to eat healthier. While grocery shopping I picked up a beautiful bunch of asparagus but had no idea what I’d do with it. When all else fails I go to Pinterest and found this recipe which looked pretty fool proof.

It was, as advertised, the easiest and quickest asparagus, on top of being ridiculously yummy. The only thing I did different was cutting the asparagus spears in half so they’d fit nicer in the wok I used to cook them in (which was the only pan that would fit on my otherwise occupied stove).

How about you? Any epic Pinterest wins or fails? And while you’re at it – follow me! I’ll keep on documenting my Pin Wins (I think I need to trademark that phrase) when I try something especially yummy or crafty 🙂

furry friday shares :)

It was a blustery, freezing furry Friday here in the Philly suburbs and while I usually work at home on Fridays, I was out at an Open House in the city talking to potential applicants to the graduate Physician Assistant program I work at. It was one of the most rewarding days I’ve had in a long time.

Explaining to one of the students how many applicants we get and all the paperwork I go through, I joked, “I have no life.” The student said to me, “Oh yes you do. You change our lives just by giving us a chance for us to save lives being PAs.”  I swear I almost teared up. That statement absolutely made it worth it for me to have trekked around in the city in 15 degree weather.

Back home tonight, I greeted the Man at the door with a cooked dinner, and Abby and Luna waiting patiently for their own meals. We had a fabulous meal and are hunkered down now with the heater on, just relaxing.

I couldn’t let a furry Friday go without sharing this super sweet video from Cole and Marmalade: How Cats Say “I Love You”. Just a little nod to the impending Valentine’s day. Hope you’re all bundled up and warm, and enjoy!


furry friday celebrates – pictures galore!

Last night was a big celebration in our house! Although it’s hard to believe, Abby turned 1!!! It was a big day for her which started off with two new toys to keep her busy.


“I think those belong to me…”


Then I was honored to be in a formal birthday girl portrait.


Will I get a treat for this?


Next came a special dinner which she supervised cooking.


Those taters look done… I swear…


She was very patient while her dinner was being cut up.


For me?


And was spot on with “sit” to test the quality.


“I’m sitting.”


And then a little less patient.




But it was worth the wait – steak, tater tots, peas, and some dry kibble.


“I will do anything for that bowl…”

And no birthday is complete without dessert!


Dog tested, dog approved.


Which she REALLY didn’t want to pose with, but did so begrudgingly.



It’s hard to believe that our 12 week old, 13 pound bundle of long legs is now a 56 pound one year old.


The Man holding her the day we got her


And even though she’s not as tiny anymore…


her favorite chair


And she takes up a lot more room…


same chair!


She’s still our baby. Happy birthday, Abigail!


12 Weeks Old – THIS is how she stole our hearts