feline friday watches… patiently…

Luna knows that Abby follows her around endlessly, trying to be friends, but frankly she could care less. Now that the fall weather is here and the temperatures have dropped, our bedroom window stays open pretty much all the time. And Luna is happy as can be.

IMG_20140918_180755_989And Abby is still just waiting for a friend.

Hope everyone has a lovely Friday and a beautiful weekend!!!



decisions, decisions …

I’m not quite ready to share pictures of the bathroom yet. You’re not missing anything, though, because all we have to look at right now are studs and some gorgeous 3/4″ ply sub floor! At the same time, though, we have a lot of decisions to make.

The toilet? Easy. The vanity? We’ll find one eventually. Already found a medicine cabinet we like and some potential light fixtures. No problem! The thing that I’m agonizing over? Paint colors.

I’m very lucky in that The Man is so laid back because so far, he’s trusted me on the paint colors. We both picked the color for the dining room, which we later decided to change but no big deal. And when it came to the bedroom, we tried a gazillion samples until finally I went to the store and picked one basically because of the name. What I’ve started to realize, though, is that I tend to gravitate towards very yellow based colors, but then they end up looking WAY too bright in our house because we’re lucky in that we have tons of natural light. So I’m overcompensating for no reason.

I’d like to say I’m picking one neutral color and painting all the rooms on the second floor the same way, but that’s not going to happen. I like the fact that each room has its own identity. The problem is, though, that I want everything to feel like it belongs together. We have to repaint the one guest room I finished (and never even shared pictures of), we never painted the other guest room in the first place, I think our bedroom color is too pale, we never painted the hallway and I need to pick one color that coordinates with the downstairs and upstairs, and my office IS A VERY BRIGHT YELLOW.

So now, I’m trying to pick all the colors at once. Of course, I started trolling Pinterest and have a whole board dedicated to the remodel. This is the inspiration bathroom from my Pinterest.

I love everything about it – the floor, the wainscoting, the color… but then I realized I’d have a yellow office, was planning on a yellow music room (off the living room) and our house is yellow. So apparently I secretly have a passion for the color.

Now, my dining room table looks like this.

IMG_20140917_151232_889While I know all the rooms aren’t going to get painted at once, I really want to have a plan so that if we have a free weekend, we can just go out, grab a gallon and get a room finished with all the agonizing decision making behind us. So wish me luck! If I keep stalling any longer I’m just going to play spin the bottle for the paint color.

feline friday gets musical

I’m slowly but surely starting to put the house back together after the weeks of demo that have been occurring because of the bathroom. Don’t worry – you’ll see pictures eventually.

Luna has definitely been enjoying the fact that I’m uncovering the furniture and she has access to all her favorite rooms now. She was quite happy that she had one of her favorite perches back – the piano bench.

IMG_20140914_173943_659I’m sure that she’s sucking up all this fabulous sunlight to save it for the shorter days ahead. I can’t believe fall is here but I have to say I’m loving sleeping with the windows open, and in a few weeks hopefully poor Luna’s allergies will be behind us and her eyebrows will grow back.

Hope everyone had a fabulous feline Friday!


my plants overfloweth

A lot of people have been complaining that it’s been a crappy summer weather wise, and it has been if you’re a big beach person. It seems like just when it was getting warm, all the sudden fall is here. BUT, if you’re a tomato plant in my backyard, you are REALLY happy.

Last year my cherry tomatoes were horrible. The pollen got burnt out really early in the season, and if I got twenty tomatoes the whole summer I’m exaggerating. This year, as a preventative, I planted three Patio Tomato plants, and four cherry tomato plants just in case. I figured they wouldn’t all thrive. BOY was I wrong.


They didn’t just thrive, they become EPIC TOMATO PLANTS OF GREATNESS. (Also pictured is some lemon thyme over on the left and some mint taking over near the front). In the beginning of August, the above is what it looked like. The one is, no joke, now six feet tall. I now have about three stakes with various parts of the cherry tomato plants strung up all over the place.

Every day when I come home from work, I have about six cherry tomatoes, and about every third day I have at least one Patio tomato. It has been like that for about three weeks now. I’ve started bringing them in to coworkers just so they wouldn’t go bad. Needless to say, dinner almost every night is tomatoes and something. A burger, on grilled cheese, cut up in pasta… And later this week i’m going to try to make sauce. I literally have four patio tomatoes and about thirty cherry tomatoes sitting on my counter right now, all ripe and happy and just begging to be used.


I don’t know about you, but if this was a “crappy” summer, I’ll take it! Bring on the tomatoes!

feline friday is feisty

Today, Abby is seven months old! And as of today, Luna still is not a big fan.

We’ve had plumbers in the house for the past two weeks (more about that next week!) so I’ve been working at home half days as the Man has to leave at 1 for work. That means Abby, Luna and I are all up in the attic while I either do data entry or read essays or screen applications.

Usually, they’re fine and Abby leaves Luna alone. But… A few days ago Luna decided she HAD to be on the couch with me. And Abby wanted Luna.

IMG_20140830_122347_330And Luna wanted none of it.

Maybe one day they’ll be friends?

Hope everyone had a wonderful week!