avocado addiction

I may not be a ridiculously healthy eater, but I do have a slight obsession with avocado. Whenever I can get it on something – burger, sandwich, taco – I always ask for extra. I’m usually hesitant to buy them, though, because I don’t have much luck with picking good ones, and they’re typically pretty expensive. When I visited my mom last weekend, there was an AMAZING deal – 5 for $5!!! So needless to say I returned home from my visit with 5 gorgeous Hass avocados, slightly unripe so that I’d be able to spread out the usage.

I keep reading about all these recipes that use avocado as substitutes for other ingredients in recipes, and one that intrigued me was as a mayo substitute in tuna fish. So tonight, I busted out my sharpest knife, plucked the stem off one of the avocados, and got lucky – perfectly ripe. I used one can of white tuna fish, half an avocado, about 1/2 tsp of minced onion, a little salt, and a little garlic. Mashed all together and on low fat Triscuits, it was PERFECT. I think I have officially sealed my fate on my addiction. Next try, avocado egg salad.


don’t read this………

That’s the subject of the email The Man just sent me. So of course I opened it right away.

Then I read Duke’s love letter to his family on the day he died. Meet Duke.*

I read this, and I cried remembering the day that we had to put my first dog, Scruffy, down just over 5 years ago. I remember his last meal of chicken nuggets and french fries from McDonald’s, and the last walk we took where, halfway back to the house, he stopped, sat, and looked up at me. I carried him the rest of the way home.

I know some people think that dog owners are crazy and I know some people I work with and know must think I’M crazy since we got Abby. That I’m obsessed and over protective. And I don’t care. I love her, and Loki, and Luna. They MAKE us crazy, and make us laugh, and comfort us, and fill our hearts more than we could imagine. Make fun of me all you want.


* You may want to grab the Kleenex before you read this.


feline friday is testy

It’s kind of funny. One of my co-workers just said to me yesterday that I never mention the cats anymore. Rest assured, Luna and Loki still live here. They still are not huge fans of Abby, though. I have to say that I did not expect Luna and Loki’s reactions to the puppy. I was absolutely sure that Loki would warm up to her because he has always wanted Luna to be a playmate which she would have none of. Luna has been far more curious. She’ll walk right up to Abby and test her, seeing if Abby will bark. And while Abby has gotten swatted MULTIPLE times, it has never been with claws out. I guess that’s a good sign?

We had a friend over for dinner tonight and as much as I hate the cats on the table, we were done eating and just talking when Luna decided the dining chair wasn’t good enough anymore and the table would be much better.


Abby, of course, was sitting right below me. At one point, Luna dangled her paw over the edge of the table, taunting Abby to no end. Abby took the bait. And immediately regretted her actions.


She got bopped on the nose, no claws. Poor Abby. All she wants is a friend. But my little felines will have none of it. Maybe when she’s older?

why puppies don’t do home renos

As you may remember, we have a puppy – Abby- and having her comes with plenty of joy, and equal measure challenges. As a half joke and half help, my aunt actually sent us the mini guide to Puppy Care For Dummies® (which I thought was a. hysterical and b. actually helpful). The poor little girl seems to have terrible separation anxiety. Whenever we put her in her crate to leave for work or errands, she barks and salivates so much that she ends up covered in her own saliva from her chest all the way down to her front paws. You would think she was showering while we were gone. And we’re talking after 4 hours, after 2 hours, after 20 minutes… it doesn’t matter. Equal saliva/drool/chaos puppy.

happy puppy

happy puppy

So recently we tried a new way to confine her while we’re gone. We decided to loop her leash  – about 4 feet long – around the metal support pole in our basement so she could walk around a little bit but not get away short of gnawing the leash off or pulling over the support pole holding up the house. Both seemed unlikely, and in the week prior she had actually ESCAPED from her cage by getting the latch to pop up. So on the 24th, I put her around the pole, double checked that there was nothing she could reach and get hurt with, and went to an evening event for work dressed in my little heels and cute dress.

About four hours later, I came home, all excited to see my baby, and open the basement door. And see this nothing but a sea of white. White puppy, white floor. Both floor and puppy were previously gray.


**BEFORE YOU SEND HATE MAIL** This was the next day when the paint was dry. See her sit like a good little girl?

Guess who got a can of paint (mostly used THANKFULLY) off the stairs and decided that she didn’t like the floor color? THIS DOG. Needless to say I have never kicked off high heels and ran down my basement steps quicker. You can tell EXACTLY where we ran on the way up.


And where she paced by the back door as I grabbed her by the collar, ran outside, hooked her up the lead, and then hosed her down.


A frantic call to Animal Poison Control and 10 minutes later, I realized that because of the kind of paint it was she would be absolutely fine, and proceeded to give her a thirty minute bath (mind you… still in my dress).  I did learn four valuable things.

1. Keep the number to Animal Poison Control handy. They are ridiculously helpful and the woman on the phone was EXTREMELY patient with me as I sobbed and told her I feel like the worst pet owner ever.

2. When trying to make a puppy free zone, take into account that, in my case, MY PUPPY HAS FREAKISHLY LONG LEGS. (Over 10 inches to be exact)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA3. Puppies find tape measures VERY amusing.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA4. Puppies SUCK at painting. See all the spots she missed?? Her technique is just way off.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI also learned that I am not the worst pet owner ever, because the only thing she was upset about the whole time was that I wouldn’t allow her to jump on me because I was still wearing my dress. Miraculously? NOT A DRIP OF PAINT ON IT. How I managed that I still don’t know. And the helpful thing? She created a radius for us so that now we know EXACTLY HOW FAR she can get.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI guess I won’t be priming anything anytime soon. But hey… now I have a free DIY design on my floor. Thanks, Abby. Always thinking of us.

Oh and by the way? My aunt thinks she bought us the wrong book. She’s now looking for one called Puppies for Morons.