feline friday is licking its wounds…

Typically, Fridays are dress down for me which means nice jeans and a dress shirt. But today I had an event for work speaking to students that may be interested in our program so I had to dress to impress. In honor of the snow finally being off the ground and the temperatures climbing to 60, I busted out my kitten heels and wore them sock free today – YAY! It’s my favorite time of year. While I was walking to my car in order to move it and pack it up with materials, I was less than graceful.

There is construction going on for a new building, and a lot of the asphalt is torn up. Well, there was huge chunk of asphalt lose that I didn’t see and stepped right on it which meant that, as I was wearing heels, I went down. And I went down hard. On both knees. Thankfully, I had put my hand out to steady myself so I ended up avoiding fracturing my ankle, but as I stood up and my eyes welled with tears, I was not only embarrassed (though thankfully no one noticed) but in pain.

I finished walking to my car, moved it to the side entrance of my building, and went back up to my office before finally checking the damage. It was not too pretty, and my now wet pants (thank you rain and puddles) made my knees sting as I walked. As I drove to my event, though, I calmed down, my pants dried and you couldn’t even tell I had fallen. The event was AMAZING and I met so many interesting students. The minute I got home, though, I changed into sweatpants and hopped on the couch with icebags. Three hours of standing in heels with badly bruised knees = PAIN.

Now, if you’ve read this blog more than once, you probably know that Luna is my designated couch buddy. And she was quite confused why I kept shooing her every time she tried putting her head on my knees. But, ever the kind kitty, she decided she needed to check out the wounds.


This was right before she decided to lick it. And I’ll say that did NOT feel good. But soon enough she found a way to work around me and as I settled in to do some transcription, she found a comfy place to lay without being on my knees.

IMG_20140328_223148_258 (1)

Hope everyone had a lovely and injury free feline friday!


sunny feline friday

It was beautifully sunny when I got home from work today but oddly no kitties came to greet me at the back door. So I went upstairs and found the little one.

IMG_20140321_180637_502Needless to say, he was so sleepy and warm that he didn’t even move while I snapped some photos. You see, it’s almost his birthday which I think he knows. So if he behaves, he thinks he’ll make out well with presents.

IMG_20140321_180943_736The only complication to our little photoshoot was that my ring was casting rainbows on the wall which caught his interest.

IMG_20140321_180938_936But that’s okay. I got the winning shot.

IMG_20140321_181102_882Hope you all had a fabulously happy and sunny feline friday!






According to what I heard today on NPR while I was driving to work, today is the International Day of Happiness! Funny that this coincides with the first day of spring, which ordinarily would make me very happy. But for the past few days I’ve been fighting the much dreaded seasonal sinus infection that has been going around the office.

Despite that, armed with my amoxicillin, steroid nasal spray, Mucinex, and box of Puffs Plus, I donned my brightest, lime green cashmere sweater, threw on a paisley scarf, and embarked on my day of work filled with the stress and crazy tight schedule that is interviewing candidates and giving a campus tour. And you know what?


Sure, I feel miserable. And I can’t ethically do any crocheting for my Etsy shop because “Snot Covered Amigurumi Turtle” just doesn’t have a great ring to it. But we had fabulous candidates today, and our current students took pity on my bright red nose and helped me out with the hectic schedule. And I have a job. And my daffodils are peaking their heads above the soil. And both cars are running. And the cats are healthy (if not crazy and overprotective). And I have an awesome Kohl’s coupon I’m going to use Saturday. And I get to play outside this weekend (assuming I can breathe through both nostrils). And The Man is healthy (despite the fact he refuses to let me sleep in the other room while I’m sick). And spending last weekend with my mom was overdue but AWESOME (even though she screwed up her back – hi Mom! sorry!) And I found a brand of coffee that I absolutely love. And my new side job doing transcription is fun and I learn random shit. And I found a way to dye my hair using teabags from Pinterest (which I’ll be doing this weekend – eek!)

Those may be weird or stupid reasons to be happy. But I am. Despite all the crap that goes on day to day, I’m going to start looking past all the bad things and realize that if searching for puns on Pinterest makes me happy? So be it. And if crocheting turtles keeps me sane? Fine. And if painting my nails to coordinate with my outfits gives me my jollies? That’s fine too.

I am happy.

Are you?

a snowy St. Patrick’s Day greeting

Unbelievably, it went from mid 50’s over the weekend, to SNOW this morning, and quite a bit of it! Thankfully it was just a delayed opening so I was able to bring a haul into work from my co-workers from my favorite Long Island bakery Riesterer’s, including the most amazing Irish Soda bread and leprechaun cookies.

I decided to wear a very warm, cream colored sweater this morning, but I decked out in a Connemara marble necklace that was my great Aunt’s, along with the Connemara marble Celtic knot bracelet that the Man gave me on our wedding day. And, of course, I had to do my nails.


ignore all the fuzz from my sweater!

I originally was just going to paint my nails green with the gold glitter, but then while the Man was trying to fix my (then) crashed laptop, he made a joke about how I should have done a flag on one of my nails. Lo and behold I happen to own both white and orange nail polish 🙂

Hope everyone had a festive and safe Saint Patrick’s day!

in celebration

What would happen if one woman told the truth about her life? The world would split open. – Muriel Rukeyser

In honor of Women’s History Month, the internet has been full of empowering accolades, reminding us women aren’t bossy, that we’re all beautiful, we’re all powerful, and that we can do and be anything that we want to be. And yesterday marked the 102nd birthday of the first 18 girls registered in Girl Scouts. I proudly went to work wearing my Girl Scouts membership pin with my 25 year member designation. Because, you see, I am a card carrying lifetime member.

IMG_20140312_114207_333But no one asked me why I was wearing my pin. I doubt it’s because everyone knew it was the Girl Scouts birthday, but no bother. I felt proud wearing it.

As the craziness of the week comes to a close, I realized that I never stopped to really celebrate and honor what it is to be a woman, aside from that one moment where I chose to wear my Girl Scouts pin to work. And in my day to day life, I rarely, if ever, stop to think how hard I have worked for everything I have, and how much I have grown. How I have stuck to my convictions and started speaking up for myself in ways that I never would have dared to before because I’m a woman, and have largely worked for men who don’t appreciate those under them, especially not women.

I never stop to think how crazy and challenging and amazing it is to simply be a woman in this day and age. And especially to be a woman who is so blessed to have the rights and privileges that I do, and live among the technological advances that we do, and have a voice that is heard, even though it doesn’t always feel that way.

Recently, I find that I don’t keep in touch with my friends other than those I see at work because just keeping the house running and making ends meet has been such a chore, and a struggle.  When the laundry isn’t done or a bill isn’t paid on time, I take it as a personal failure and embarrassment, and retract even further into my own world. And that’s okay to do for a short amount of time, but not for forever.  I’m working on it, friends.  I will return the phone calls and letters. Please be patient with me.

Tonight, as I settle in to work on some freelance stuff, my mind keeps going to my mother, who I am so very blessed to have and so excited to go see this weekend for the first time since Christmas.

And then I keep thinking of one of the dearest, most beautiful women that I have in my life and have the privilege of calling a friend, who is truly one of the strongest and most amazing and giving people I have ever met. She has counseled me and cried with me and comforted me, fed me and answered my crazy cooking questions, supported me and understood me and laughed and cried and drank wine with me. Today, she found out she is being promoted, which is long overdue, and well earned. When I found out the news I literally jumped up and down in my office and teared up, feeling so excited for her that she was finally recognized. So, my dear Michele, congratulations on being the kickass woman you are, and finally getting something that is so very deserved.

Women don’t get thanked nearly enough for what they do. We all have our private trials and tribulations, pains, and life experiences that are difficult and beautiful. And when we rise above all of that and are seen to be the intelligent, beautiful, thoughtful, giving people that we are, it is rare and it is joyous. And when one of my women friends gets recognized, it is the best feeling in the world. I am proud to be a woman, and lucky to have the women I have in my life. A month isn’t long enough to celebrate. I think I need to start celebrating everyday.

is it spring yet?!

Despite YET ANOTHER SNOW DAY here, I’m looking forward to Spring. No, I can’t see my grass and the crocuses are smart enough to keep their heads down, but I’m holding out hope that sometime in the near future I’ll be able to step outside and not slip on ice. But that doesn’t mean that the gloom of this time of year isn’t getting me down. It is. Majorly.

I’m depressed for a multitude of reasons, like losing my part time job which has put a HUGE strain on things. But last week I decided to cheer myself up and do what any smart woman does: SHOP! Yeah I know, I just said our finances suck. So how did I do it? GIFT CARDS!!!!! You can call me crazy, but when I get a gift card, I plan and scheme and stalk the store website until I can find the best deals to max out the gift I’ve been given. One of the gift cards I had was to Bed Bath & Beyond, so I treated myself to, among other things, a…..

*drumroll please*

IRON CADDY AND BOARD HOLDER! (yes, no joke, I’m excited about this.) I was so excited when it came in the mail, and this weekend I got it installed. You see, I do my ironing in my office on the second floor (which has my clothing closet so it doubles as a dressing room) and while I love the bright color of my ironing board, I hate that you see it in the first room when you come upstairs. Introducing my Real Simple Iron Caddy!

IMG_20140301_114955_864Because we have old doors that are finicky when you close them to begin with, chose to permanently mount my caddy inside the door of the linen closet. I got very lucky that my door is juuuuuust tall enough to accommodate the caddy with the ironing board on it and still close. After about 15 minutes, voila!

IMG_20140301_152406_619It actually took longer to wait for the drill batter to charge than install this. Two screws and I was done! (And yes, dear, I checked to make sure it was level. Like twenty times.)

My mom keeps telling me to go outside, look around, and if I see a life grab it because I obviously need one (and trust me she’s right!) but this stupid $15 caddy made me so deliriously happy. It’s the first step in my Spring cleaning goals and I couldn’t be more excited! (That is, if Spring ever comes….)