feline friday guest kitty edition!

Recently, my girlfriend Season’s kitty had an altercation with a casement window where the window didn’t think it should stay up, and her kitty Mary-Alice’s paw got caught. I can honestly say, reading that, I was glad for the first time since we’ve moved in the house that we don’t have casement windows.  

Season and her husband Josh took the kitty to the vet where she was NOT happy and attacked husband and vet alike.  However, she is okay. Home on pain meds, though, Mary-Alice can’t go up and down the stairs.  Season posted the most hysterical status on Facebook about how Mary-Alice is milking this for all it’s worth, and figured out what suckers they are for her, because they now have to carry her up and down the stairs. “Naturally, she is now abusing this and every few minutes or so, will go to the stairs and begin to meow in the weakest, saddest meows she can muster until I come over and get her.” So naturally, like a good friend, I begged for pictures. 

Here is what Season told me:

Funny thing about taking pictures of cats, when you actually want to, they want nothing to do with the camera.

Anyway, after a bit of stalking and attempting to conceal the camera, I give you Mary-Alice, at the top of the stairs begging to be carried back down. (Unfortunately, as this is a still picture, you do not get to hear the sad, weak mews of her plight.)

So dear readers, I present our kitty guest, Mary-Alice!


The empress waiting at the stairs


And, bonus guest star Laina:

I'm waiting....

I’m waiting….

And as a SPECIAL bonus, Josh’s finger!


kitty teeth vs. fingernail…OWWWW


Happy Feline Friday! Send healing kitty thoughts to Mary-Alice (and Josh!)



cutting back

In the past few years since we’ve been in our house, I could count how many bottles of shampoo and conditioner I’ve bought on one hand. That’s because, like so many of us crazy women, I used to constantly buy the newest product to get the shiniest, healthiest, fullest hair.  Mostly, what I found out, was that very few of them helped at all. So gradually I switched to more natural products.  When we moved into the house and I unpacked everything into the linen closet, I decided I had to use every partially filled bottle I owned before I could buy anything else.  And actually, I’ve done pretty well! But this past weekend while putting away towels I decided to unearth the stash of what was left (along with two unused bottles of perfume I had hidden! Hello GAP… you haven’t made this perfume in how many years??? Still smells the same… )


want one? or three?

No matter what I use, my hair doesn’t really seem any healthier or fuller, so I started researching the “no shampoo” method. There are so many recipes and combinations of things to try and conflicting opinions over what actually works that it is overwhelming.  Instead, in the past month I cut out conditioner which seemed to help a bit, and since last Thursday I haven’t used a blowdryer. I started researching more organic, non-sudsing products and finally purchase one and am trying it out. So far, so good, but I’m not going to disclose what it is just yet.

But the problem remains that I’m just not happy with my hair. I had been cutting it shorter and shorter, and then just got to busy to deal with it, so it’s now long enough again that I keep throwing it up in a clip or a pony tail so I don’t have to deal with it.


the hair masterpiece for the day – clipped back

But on Saturday that will all change. Maybe I’m just a little stir crazy from all the snow and it’s seeped over into every aspect of my life. But I finally made an appointment to cut my hair. If I can’t restore my house right now, maybe I can at least restore my hair. With all the stress that I have on a regular basis, I’m eager to at least get rid of my hair issues and insecurities. We’ll see what I end up doing with it.

In the meantime, what do you do for your hair? Any miracle products? Want any of mine to try? No seriously… I’ll mail you the bottle!!! I hate wasting things! Give me your address!



fluffy feline friday – Valentine’s breakfast edition

Don’t worry – I’m not calling the kitties fluffy or fat.  I’m just referring to the AMAZING pancakes that the Man made for breakfast this morning.  The Man has never made me pancakes before, so why the change? Well when we bought the house we got this amazing stove that has a ginormous oval center burner that you can use with a griddle. And said griddle does not actually come WITH the stove. But about a month ago I had the idea to finally order the griddle insert that goes to our stove as a surprise, and gave it to the Man this morning.

1779684_10202497731261330_29437927_nNeedless to say he was excited, and more than willing to make pancakes which was a fabulous start to the morning.

The cats didn’t get anything special this year for Valentine’s Day, and they didn’t even get to share our breakfast.  Well… sorta.

IMG_20140214_143931_721Happy Valentine’s Day! Here’s a kitty with a pancake on her head. ❤

stir crazy demo

I need to get myself a Harry Potter t-shirt that says “I solemnly swear I’m up to no good” and wear it on snow days. Because I go a little crazy. Cleaning, baking, crocheting, devouring shows on Netflix, and OH! DESTRUCTION!

The Man is at work on this fine, snowy day and if I were to email him right now it would probably go something like this:

“Dear Husband,

You know how I was asking what Dremel bits we own and you said I could go get a diamond bit at Home Depot for that little project I wanted to do of removing the tile toothbrush holder in the bathroom? Well…. I found a mallet and a screwdriver instead. Love you!  PS – Don’t come home early.”


So my mom got me a really pretty soap dispenser for our kitchen a year or so ago and I decided it would actually look really pretty in our main bathroom. So yesterday I brought it upstairs and the stupid tile toothbrush holder that is affixed to the wall was (keyword: was) totally too low for the dispenser to sit in a logical place and still be usable without being in the way.



This morning, as I drank coffee, I googled “how to remove a ceramic toothbrush holder” and found a really helpful article on eHow Home. I asked the Man about the Dremel, and he said sure, we could buy a bit, it’s cheap, but not today because of that whole snow thing and he had to leave for work in less than 2 hours. Okay, not a problem.

So he goes to work, I reorganize my office and move my bookcases onto different walls (oh yeah, forgot to mention that! hehehehe…. that’s another post) and then I’m bored. I’m trying to quit smoking, so I need to keep myself really busy, so I decide screw the article, we’re gonna see what a mallet and a finely tipped screwdriver does. Yay! Great idea!


totally sophisticated tools

For starters, you need safety equipment. So what I wore was a black Marine Corps hoodie, red/pink plaid flannel PJ pants from LL Bean, slippers, and my everyday glasses. You also need to assume you’re not going to be successful, so don’t bother taking pictures with your actual camera, just use your phone.

I closed the drain to the sink (I did read the article, just ignored a lot of it) and put a towel down so that any flying chunks wouldn’t damage the sink top. I then got the vacuum, closed the bathroom door, and began trying the utility knife. That did nothing to the grout, so I started working the screwdriver around the edge and pounding with the mallet very lightly.  The grout actually started coming away really easily. At only point, I got a whole CHUNK to come off and was really excited! So what did I do next? The next logical thing, of course.  I aimed with the mallet, turned my head, closed my eyes, and just SMASHED the holder.

About 3/4 of it came off and I jumped up and down like a 5 year old I was so excited. The whole process only took about 30 minutes. I vacuumed a lot in between so I could see where I was working. Of course, there was no tile behind the holder, so I was left with a bit of a hole.


The DIYer in me took a step back and thought: “Hmmm…. I’m not going to replace this with another tile, but I don’t want a hole showing. So what do I have that I could artfully cover up the hole with?” TADA!!!!!!!!!!!


It’s a frame I’ve had for FOREVER from Ikea, hung on a tiny little Command hook. I don’t think I’ll get rid of the tile soap dish, mostly because it’s convenient if you need to take off a pair of earrings or a ring before you shower, and it’s not in the way.

If you have a ceramic toothbrush holder you hate, my best advice is to be careful, go slowly, and just get rid of it. My mom has told me repeatedly, and in the mostly loving way possible, that sometimes I’m just a little bit too stupid to know when I shouldn’t try something, and I laugh every time knowing she is totally right. It may be a little change, but I couldn’t be happier. And I didn’t even break a finger or toe! Those slippers really are great for foot safety.

So what did you destroy this snow day? 🙂


RIP, toothbrush holder