feline friday got a root canal

Don’t worry – the kitties didn’t have dental work done but I spent an hour of my afternoon getting a root canal! I’d say it was horrible and nasty and terrifying… well I’m always terrified of the dentist so that part is true… but the rest of it was fine! I am lucky to have an amazing dentist who, with the help of a little Nitrous, can actually get me to relax.  He hums and chats the whole time, and the music in the office isn’t that bad, so the time passes insanely quick. The man drove me there and back because I was so nervous.

After we got home, I went upstairs to get some yarn to go crochet, and a miracle happened.

IMG_20140131_153355_217Both cats. LAYING NEXT TO EACH OTHER. And until I walked into the room they were asleep so I had to grab my cell phone and quickly snap a pic.  So that I couldn’t get more photographic evidence, Luna quickly decided to leave…

IMG_20140131_153406_093She doesn’t want me to think she tolerates him.

Hope you all had a good feline friday!




to pin or not to pin?

I have to admit that when Pinterest came out, I didn’t quite “get it”. I’ve been using an internet based service to bookmark and tag things I found interesting for years, so I wasn’t quite sure what all the fuss was about with pinning.

Slowly but surely, as more people joined the platform, I got it. The same thing that I was doing with pictures I had ripped out of magazines and catalogs was now digital. I could create visual boards of inspiration from hundreds of different sources without much effort whatsoever.

nature inspired color palette pin: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/25966135326144178/

Pinterest still gets some mixed reviews, and some hilarious ones where people try to recreate what they’ve seen done on a pin and it turns out fabulously wrong. I’ve heard of people having “pin envy” or “pin depression” because they think that being a DIY goddess happens overnight and feel like failures for not being creative.  My strategy? I typically only pin things that I could feasibly do/cook/buy. This means reading the descriptions and checking out the recipes before I even bother pinning it. If something sounds too complicated for my skillset I typically just pass over adding it to a board. 

I think the only problem that I’ve encountered with Pinterest is that I get very hungry when looking at all the amazing recipes! On the plus side, I’ve found some awesome ones and short cuts that have saved me time and money.  And if I ever run out of things to cook among my recipe books, I’ll always have a place to turn to for some amazing alternatives.

grilled cheese heaven with avocado: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/25966135326119530/

So if you’re new to Pinterest, feel free to check out what I’ve pinned! What are you swooning over on there?

lacking cheer

The holidays this year were full of simple things.  From the decorations to the presents that the Man and I gave, we tried to keep all the pandemonium that usually comes with the holidays to a minimum.  The presents we gave this year were “cheer” baskets that included something crocheted by me, homemade jams from my friend Michele at Pickled Sweet, and some sweet goodies like hot chocolate and candies. And I honestly enjoyed doing that a lot more than things I’ve done in years past.

2013-12-24 09.48.56

holiday cheer in baskets

I can honestly say that as I finished taking the ornaments off my Christmas tree this year I teared up.  I didn’t full out cry, but I was emotional.  During the long, cold months it’s hard to cheer up the house after all the lights and garlands and decorations come down.  While my tree has been down since a week after Christmas, I left my nativity up on the mantel until just after the 6th – “Little Christmas”.  And I have yet to redecorate my mantel.

You’ve probably noticed a distinct void of house projects on my blog recently, and that’s because there aren’t many going on other than the usual cleaning, laundry, and attempt at organizing. Just as much as my house is lacking cheer right now, so am I.  But I’m ever hopeful that things are going to get better as 2014 progresses.

Don’t worry – no tragedies or awful things have happened, just a distinct, ever present stress that comes with trying to balance work, the Man’s horrible schedule, and the day to day goings on of life. Like bills. Those ever present bills. Wouldn’t it be nice if they went on vacation along with the rest of us during the holidays??

So for now, instead of focusing on the hole in our main hall ceiling (more about that some other time) and all the things I can’t change in my life, I’m trying to focus on the things I can change, like making the dollars streeeeeeeetch to their limit without sacrificing happiness, starting to make hearty and creative meals again (as cooking anything fun has taken a back burner recently), and starting to make new & fun things to stock my Etsy shop for the spring.


spring bunny

And maybe as the months warm up, I’ll get my restoration groove back on and this post holiday/winter depression will melt away. But for now, I’m just going to focus on restoring me and the Man.


Feline Friday lays on stuff


So as I may have mentioned, our cats have this weird thing where they love to lay on fabric. So what do I see as I’m coming down the attic stairs a few days ago?  Loki had decided that the bathmat in the middle of the hall (which was moved so I could mop) must actually be a new cat bed!

And now, as I type this on my phone while in bed, he has decided that my stomach makes the perfect pillow to curl up on. All 16.5 pounds of him. Ugh.

Happy Friday and sweet dreams!

feline friday goes to battle!

As you may have heard, the weather here in the northeast has been CRAZY for the past few weeks. It’s 70, then it’s snowing, then the rhododendrons set new buds it was so warm, then a blizzard, then there’s a polar vortex…. But we’ve been lucking. No car accidents, no power outages, no frozen pipes.  So when I got an email from the man with the subject line “we need to prepare for the coming apocalypse”, I figured either a. we were getting another snow storm or b. he had finally lost his mind.

So I opened the email hesitantly, and read:

“and in doing so – we need to fully utilize all members of the household, everyone must have a job and pull their own weight

 so I ordered two sets of these”

I was terrified. But I clicked the link he sent. And saw this.

Cat Battle Armor by schnabuble

So, my friends, if your cat needs to go into battle, head on over to schnabuble’s Etsy page and you too can buy cat armor.

Happy feline friday! My the odds be ever in your favor!

feline friday has the first snow day of 2014

I can’t believe that it is a New Year and that my vacation went by so fast! Yesterday was my first day back to work and today…. SNOW DAY!!!

the backyard

the backyard (click for corny snow overlay!)

I knew that the storm was coming, so I did bring home paperwork to keep me occupied. But I just love being able to work at home, especially with four inches or more of snow as an excuse to stay inside. I made bread, cleaned the basement, did four loads of laundry, cleaned the kitchen, took all the Christmas ornaments off the tree and packed them away, and managed to get a good five hours of my paperwork done in-between. I have some more work to do on the computer but I left that for tomorrow.

And while I was working, the cats were VERY busy. Loki decided he had to “protect” my jeans (aka sit on the warm radiator).

IMG_20140103_111052_746And Luna spent some quality time contemplating her future (aka hogging the chair with the best sun).

IMG_20140103_111154_693And wanted to know why I was disturbing her.

IMG_20140103_111211_836I hope everyone who got hit by snow was safe and warm!