feline friday does pumpkin

The Man and I were totally spoiled yesterday for Thanksgiving. The amazing Michele of Pickled Sweet invited us over to celebrate the day with her and her husband in their home. We were treated to turkey, mashed potatoes, green beans,candied sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce and the most amazing apple & fennel stuffing. Oh and don’t forget dessert: pumpkin goat cheese cheesecake. ALL TO DIE FOR. Needless to say we were well stuffed by the time we got home, and our fridge is full of leftovers that she sent us home with.

Unfortunately, we’re not sharing leftovers with the cats. They got a can of shredded turkey with cheddar, but other than that I’m being greedy. Or so I thought.

I tucked into a slice of the cheesecake tonight, and lo and behold, what appears at my side but a furry friend who is more than willing to STEAL help me eat some of it. Luna was so hardcore going after the tiny bit I left in my bowl that I had enough time to go get props and snap a pic.

IMG_20131129_201355_838Hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving and a great day of holiday shopping!


feline friday is a little chubby

Tis the season to eat yummy foods and put on a little weight.  But here in our house, we are trying to make sure that our feline friends keep a trim waist.  Luna is not that large. She’s about 11 pounds but the vet said overall she’s at a healthy weight. Little man Loki, however, is a bit too big for his metaphorical britches, weighing in at about 17 pounds and way past puberty so no more growing for that one.

We’ve tried lots of foods to help our indoor cats lose weight, but the one they like the most is Royal Canin.  The only problem is the pricetag. It is INSANELY expensive for dry food, so we usually mix it with a less expensive brand.  Recently we got VERY lucky with a great deal.

I have been shopping on soap.com and wag.com for a while now because of the convenience of free shipping and three day delivery. The prices are amazing (usually the same or lower than local stores) and I even order my cat litter (because who wants to carry 30 pounds through a store, put it in a car, and then drag it inside the house???). Even better? I ordered cat litter, cat food, toilet paper, dish detergent, and some snacks on Tuesday night at about 10 pm, and at 7 pm on Wednesday they were at my door.

I’m not sure how long it will last, but right now you can try a small bag of Royal Canin for $5.00 by entering “TRYRC” at checkout. Usually a small bag is $14.99 so that is an AWESOME deal.

Hope you’re all having an awesome Feline Friday and hopefully you have a new place to shop for you AND your furriends.

(And no, I’m not endorsed by wag.com but I wouldn’t mind it! 🙂 )

feline friday is hungry

The cats have developed this nasty habit of assuming that any food product in a metal can with a flip lid is OBVIOUSLY cat food (what were we thinking?!) so tonight when the Man and I decided to have soup for dinner, we had two VERY interested cooking buddies.

2013-11-15 20.11.24

for US?!

Little did they know that Beef & Barley was NOT on the menu for them. But, being the loving parents we are, we decided to treat them to their own canned dinner.

2013-11-15 20.13.34

why isn’t it on the floor yet?

Which they were VERY interested in, and very annoyed that I was taken pictures.

laser beams engage in 3... 2.... 1....

laser beams engage in 3… 2…. 1….

give it NAO!

give it NAO! (featuring a guest appearance of Man’s feet and AWESOME PJ pants)

Hope you had a scrumptious and fun feline friday!

Veterans Day

Yesterday was the Marine Corps birthday which was well celebrated in our house, namely by going down to Cookie’s Tavern to celebrate with a couple hundred Marines in the way Philly knows best – by shutting down a few blocks and partying in the middle of the street! And of course today is Veterans Day.  There are a million things I could post about tonight… how proud I am of the Man and my father-in-law and grandfather-in-law and my own father for their service. How people give up so much to protect us. How we often take so much for granted and should be grateful for the country we live in.  But I’m putting away my soap box for today.  

Instead, I’ll share this: soldiers reunited with their four legged friends. It’s a lot more lighthearted than most things you could watch today, but sometimes you need that.

So Happy Belated 238th Birthday Marine Corps. And thank you to every veteran out there for your service, your love of country, and your willingness to sacrifice for all we hold dear.

feline friday lounge style

Happy feline friday! Hope everyone had a good end of their week. I for one could not be happier that it is over. All I wanted to do today was lounge around in sweatpants rather than being stuck at work in my cold office in front of the computer. The bright spot of the day? Lunch. It’s the simple pleasures.

The cats, on the other hand, spend EVERY day doing exactly what I wanted to be doing. Loki is not a very complicated cat. On any given day, at any time, he can be found in one of 3 places: eating, on our bed, or on a chair in the attic.

IMG_20131102_090201_001In this house, lounging is taken just as seriously as napping. Let the weekend begin!



is it bedtime yet?

I absolutely LOVE the fall. The changing leaves, the cooler days, the crisp scents, the apples and pumpkins (and the lattes both bring),and wearing turtlenecks makes me VERY happy. What I don’t like? IT’S DARK. Which is DEPRESSING.

Whenever it starts getting dark at 5 pm, it feels like the days draaaaaaaaaaaaag oooooooooooon and ooooooooooooooooooooooooooon. No sooner do I get home from work and eat dinner than I feel like it’s time to find a book and get into bed. Now, granted, this isn’t a bad thing because typically I don’t sleep enough between being a night owl and the Man working nights. But it’s getting harder and harder to be productive at night when I’m constantly checking my clock, thinking I get to go to sleep, and it’s only 8:30 p.m.

But I do find it depressing.  With my stress levels at work steadily rising, as they will for the next month or so, I find it really hard to rewind at night with idle hands and a racing mind. So what better excuse to let the season of hardcore crocheting begin! There’s nothing like curling up on the sofa with a cat and some yarn and making goodies for the holidays. It may be a bit early to start making gingerbread and snowman ornaments, but I don’t care! If it passes the night and keeps me from feeling mopey, I’ll take it.

What do you do to pass the long fall and winter nights?

little happy homemaker

You would think that being a writer I’d be spamming you with new posts on a daily basis. Well, my friends, that is simply not the case (as you can readily see). It seems like during the spring and summer I tear into project in the house full gusto, but once the months turn chillier and the daylight hours grow shorter, I’m completely content to settle in with a good book and try to destress from work.

Halloween was boring at our house this year. I’ve been working crazy hours so the pumpkins and fall leaves and other assorted decorations didn’t get put out, save for our candy holder. Oh, and I dressed like a peacock for the day.

2013-10-31 09.41.54Now, the Man made fun of me, as he was taking the picture because the running joke is that our house is the “Where’s Waldo?” of peacocks and it’s scary that I could throw this together. But in my defense, the scarf is from my sister-in-law, the pin was my grandmother’s, and no peacock is complete without the rocking headband my aunt Susan gave me a few years ago. Needless to say I was one sassy admission coordinator on Halloween.

2013-10-31 15.54.52And oh yeah – I’m a LOSER so I did my nails turquoise too. The best part of Halloween was the card we got from Aunt Susan, which TOTALLY looks like Loki (if you could get him to sit still).


Then there was feline Friday where I totally failed at posting a picture of one of my fur-babies BUT… it was for a good reason. I was finishing a crocheting project for a friend!

2013-11-03 12.04.34It’s a bunny buddy blanket that I pieced together from, oh, 4 different patterns to create. And Luna was more than willing to model it for me.

Then the weekend commenced and so did crazy errand running, and of course fall cooking! The day started out with the Man and I going to an estate sale which was boring but we each scored a good book to read. After he went to bed (he works nights still… ugh) I made two loaves of meatloaf (one to eat, one to freeze) with a honey/ketchup/Worcestershire sauce glaze, roasted cauliflower and potatoes with garlic and Parmesan, and cornbread on Saturday for dinner.

2013-11-02 20.35.24


I also threw a loaf of Italian herb bread in the machine yesterday, and made two loaves of butter bread today, one of which is on the cooling rack at the moment. And then, of course, I cleaned my house like a crazy person and did about 5 loads of laundry.

I know my cats get a little frisky/crazy this time of year and love running aimlessly around the house. I kind of feel like I did the same thing this weekend. Good thing because it’ll burn off all the yummy carbs I cooked.

Hope you all had a fabulous fall weekend!