feline friday likes being warm

While I may be away from the kitties, it doesn’t mean that I’m not being a dork and looking at cat videos and posts on Buzzfeed. And because the weather has turned a bit chilly, who wouldn’t appreciate pictures of cats in sweaters? Specifically, 109 pictures of cats in sweaters!!!

Like this one:

I think if I ever tried to put Luna or Loki in a sweater, I’d walk away with stumps for hands. So enjoy these 109 Cats in Sweaters on this chilly October night.



on the road

It’s rare these days that I get to take a vacation, especially because as an admissions person this is my craziest time of year. BUT… when you have a conference to go to in Memphis, what do you do? You tell your husband to take off, pack up, and come along!

So, in a crazy five days, we traveled through 7 states, saw amazing things, and actually got to spend time together.

I can’t wait to share pictures of the trip, and will continuing editing and posting over the next few weeks.  Crazy time of year always means very little blogging for me, but thank you for sticking around, and stay posted!


a princess turns 10

Ten years ago, the last thing I expected to get while driving home from classes for the day, with my roommate from college, was a kitten.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABut there she was, huge ears, raccoon striped tail, and she instantly won our hearts.  The first week of October is her birthday week. To celebrate, she got lots of rubbies, some catnip straws courtesy of the Man’s mom, and a new catnip ball. She’s had her fair share of beautiful photos over the years, so I wanted to share my favorites.

I am very lucky that when I moved into my own apartment, Joe allowed me to retain custody of Luna. It may sound silly, but there are times when I don’t think I could have gotten through without her. Happy birthday to my princess. You have made me laugh, you have stolen paperclips off my thesis and I’ve wanted to kill you, you have scared the crap out of me when you walked across a hot stove and burned your paws, you attacked the Man by biting a chunk out of his thigh when I laughed because he tickled me but it was misguided “protection”, you have put up with having a baby brother after being an only child for 6 years, you have unwillingly been my comfort when I was sad, you have kept me warm on many cold nights, and may you have lots and lots of years ahead of you.

three years down…

It’s not often that I take a day off from work. Recently it feels like I’m neglecting everything in my personal life. Laundry takes the back burner until the last minute, I don’t dust as often as I’d want to, cooking has become a necessity and hurried rather than a joy, the cats don’t get their weekly brushings, and until recently my car hadn’t been cleaned in months.  While those are little examples, they’re part of a larger epidemic of me neglecting my own life.

I have two glorious days off this week – today and tomorrow. And today is very special indeed. It’s our third wedding anniversary. So instead of waking up, hurrying to chug down coffee and spend thirty minutes of the total of 4 hours I usually get with my husband, I got to sleep in late, have the Man make me breakfast, open cards from loved ones, and we actually went to the movies. THE MOVIES! A LUXURY!

It’s not the romantic anniversary that most people would plan, but I had such a good day that I’m having trouble coming down from the high. And it wasn’t totally devoid of romance. And the flowers I was given didn’t hurt either.

So thank you, my dearest. Three years down, many more to go.