feline friday sells her soul…

Anyone who knows Luna knows that she isn’t always the friendliest cat. So on Tuesday when the Man had a friend stop by, I was shocked that Luna paid him any attention.

The men had gone to a speaker in Philadelphia, which ended late, so they picked up sandwiches from Wawa on the way home. So with the men and I in the attic, Luna naturally followed. And, shock of all shocks, Luna started rubbing against the friend! This NEVER happens. Curiosity, some sniffing of the hand, sure. Those are normal. But active interest???

It took a few seconds, but we figured out why.


Luna sold out. To chicken. And profited.

IMG_20130925_020132_505This is probably the first and last picture you will ever see of Luna being nice to a guest. She sold her soul for chicken.

Hope you all had an indulgent Feline Friday!


feline friday goes travelling…

Every time the Man and I come back from a trip, the part I hate the most is the unpacking. So usually my bag will sit for a day or two in the corner of the bedroom. Which, apparently, makes the PERFECT napping spot for Loki, who has made it his life’s ambition to nap on anything that is made of fabric.

2013-07-19 11.27.54It’s good to know that my luggage is appreciated!

Now that the weather is getting colder, I’m back to a two-cat-bed, where Luna curls up behind my knees, and Loki curls up near my chest. I love this time of year!


feline friday presents midnight

If you haven’t noticed, things have been a little quiet on the blog recently. That’s because I have been crocheting my little fingers off in preparation for participation in my first every craft fair! So, today you don’t get a “real” cat picture, but I will share with you my newest edition to my Etsy shop – Midnight!


With the temperatures dropping and all the pumpkin spice accouterments in every coffee shop, fall seems like it’s in full swing. So if you’re in need of a crocheted pumpkin or a black cat like Midnight, feel free to drop by my Etsy shop!

by definition

During a meeting at work today I was told that a work relationship that I had considered more of a friendship was not. Flat out. We were not, nor had we been friends.

Since that meeting at 10 a.m., I have struggled to come to terms with that. Like most people, I work a 40 hour work week. My husband does too, but as he’s on a different shift, I feel like I see the people I work with more in a given week than I do my husband. The good thing, at least, is that I like most of the people I work with and would in fact consider them friends. We share lunch, we talk about our weekends, we recommend books and movies and TV shows to one another, we share what is going on in our home lives, we talk about our home improvement projects. Yes, there is always a risk of oversharing with coworkers, but at this point everyone I work with knows I’m quirky and they accept that. And some of my coworkers even delight in my quirkiness. And my supervisor puts up with a lot of my bitching and complaining and hasn’t once told me to shut up. She knows, as well as I do, that our job is stressful. And I’m lucky to have that. And I consider them friends.  But I guess not everyone views things the same way.

When I got home, I looked up the term friendship on the trusty internet, and the definitions certainly vary, but they all have a common thread of being a relationship that is more than just an acquaintance. Friendship includes trust, the ability to be honest without fear of reprimand or judgement,  mutual understanding… all the things that we value in working relationships. Add in having common interests and sharing details of your personal life, and you have what I would consider a friendship.

Being told you’re not friends with someone is hard to swallow, and I honestly don’t know if I’ll ever get over it. In the back of my mind, that comment will always be playing whenever the person asks me about my weekend or my cat or my house. In some ways, though, I wonder who got hurt more: me by being told that I was not considered a friend, or the other person who didn’t realize they had one all along, and they just threw it away.